Will you Become Who You Were Born to be?

In my view, Muslims all over the world have lost their identity just when they need to be stronger than ever. People can say anything about the Muslim community, and it causes insignificant reaction in any part of the world. However, if you compare it, whenever something disrespectful is said regarding a particular Muslim sect, be it Shia, Sunni or any other. It invokes aggressive and violent reaction wherever that particular community or sect would be dominant. This is heartbreaking to say the least, a perilous epidemic has taken hold of the Muslim community; one which needs to be eradicated as soon as possible. Each and every one of us needs to comprehend that by isolating ourselves in sects, we are only causing damage to ourselves and our future generations. Do we care more about our particular sects than being Muslim in general?

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) told us only to be straightforward Muslims, so why do we take no notice of it?. Is it because we value our worldly so called social status more than our religion? Are we not fearful of Allah anymore?  These are questions which each and every one of us needs to answer ourselves. It’s the time to scrutinize the effects this sectarian division is causing us.

Quaid-E-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah founder of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, worked tirelessly for an independent Muslim state. During the Lahore Resolution when the Quaid had finished his speech, the first question he was asked was what type of a Muslim. Was he a Sunni, Shia-who?  Quaid replied what type of a Muslim was Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. He was a simple Muslim, asked us to be  uncomplicated Muslims and therefore, I am a simple Muslim. It was the answer which no one had anticipated, yet no one questioned it.

Keeping these in mind, it is time to end our self created sectarian division once and for all. We should embrace and take pride of the fact that God blessed us to be Muslims. To bring the social revolution which will define our time and the time to come? Do you follow your fathers and grandfathers or rise and choose your own path; that will surely lead you to heaven. The choice is yours. So the question is “Will you become who were you born to be or let the world decide your path?


4 thoughts on “Will you Become Who You Were Born to be?

  1. Awesome!! It can’t get better than this! Keep up the great work 😀 (Y)

  2. Ummm… I have some criticisms, but I can’t discuss the major one unless we’re face-to-face so I’ll leave it until then. Anyways, well-written, but it felt more like an essay than a blog to me(and I’m only saying this because you asked).

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