Democracy Prevents Corruption

We are all acquainted with the maxim that power corrupts. History is littered with countless accounts where honest, hardworking men became rulers and greatly abused the authority they had been blessed with. It can also be observed in small communities, and organizations. So doesn’t it make sense, then that power be distributed as equally as possible so that not even a single person or a small group of individuals find themselves so overpoweringly lured to abuse authority? .

A nation with a proper democratically elected government is the only one which can achieve this equal spread of authority. Democracy is beneficial in the sense, that every single person can be held responsible; it calls for complete transparency and accountability of one’s actions. It does not give authority to a single person, but to a large number of democratically elected leaders. Hence, important decisions are made with adequate discussions leading to a lesser extent of corruption. Democracy is responsible for providing people with a prosperous life and a thriving nation.

The only answer to this natural destructive enticement is democracy.  Ehtesab! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Democracy Prevents Corruption

  1. nice work. you have a nice flow of words:)

  2. never knew you could write sooo gud 😀 🙂

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