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Shehzad Roy’s new song Apnay Ullo.


Waiting For A New Dawn!

Pakistan needs us badly, that much we realize but do we really understand what it means? I follow several leading Pakistani journalists on Facebook. For example, Mr.Javed Chaudhary, Dr.Shahid Masood and others. I couldn’t help noticing that nearly 80% of the comments on the statuses of these people are “Allah madad karay Pakistan kee” or “Allah he bachaye Pakistan kau”. We really need to stop this, all we do is sit on our couches and act like we care about Pakistan. This is not going to change anything, we need to educate ourselves, come up with creative ideas. Basically, we need to become more proactive. The root of all the problems we are facing today is because of our uneducated, corrupt and pathetic leaders. We need to end the menace of corruption to live in peace and tranquility.

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Pakistan is a third-world country with more than half the population living on less than a dollar a day.

The minimum wage set by the government is Rs.5000. This indicates that Pakistan is a poor country, but Pakistan is not a poor country…28,000,000,000,000 rupees have been deposited in Swiss Banks. If it were in Pakistan, it could be used for a “Tax free” budget for 30 years, 60 million jobs, 4 lane roads from any village to Islamabad, free supply to +500 social projects, financial help of Rs 20,000 per month to every citizen for 60 years, disbanding the need of World Bank and IMF loans.Source- Facebook, Express.

  • You are the light of the world. Shine, and darkness will disappear – Paulo Coelho.

Our struggles define us

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A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a minor opening appeared. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any advancement. It seemed as if it had gotten as far as it could, and it could go no further so the man decided to aid the butterfly. He grabbed a pair of scissors and clipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon.

The butterfly then emerged effortlessly. However it had an enlarged body and small, shriveled wings.

The man continued to watch the butterfly expecting, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and expand which would then be able to support the body. However neither materialized! In fact, the butterfly would spend the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It would never be able to fly.

What the man, in his kindness and haste,  did not understand was that the restricting cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were Allah‘s way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly in to its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

At times struggles are precisely what we need in our lives. If Allah allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been.

I asked for Wisdom……..Allah gave me problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity……Allah gave me brain to think.

I asked for Courage………Allah gave me danger to overcome.

I asked for Love……….Allah gave me distressed people to help.

I asked for Favours………Allah gave me opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted……..I received everything I needed!

“So blessed be Allah, the best of creators!”
Sura The Believer (23) verse 14

Democracy Prevents Corruption

We are all acquainted with the maxim that power corrupts. History is littered with countless accounts where honest, hardworking men became rulers and greatly abused the authority they had been blessed with. It can also be observed in small communities, and organizations. So doesn’t it make sense, then that power be distributed as equally as possible so that not even a single person or a small group of individuals find themselves so overpoweringly lured to abuse authority? .

A nation with a proper democratically elected government is the only one which can achieve this equal spread of authority. Democracy is beneficial in the sense, that every single person can be held responsible; it calls for complete transparency and accountability of one’s actions. It does not give authority to a single person, but to a large number of democratically elected leaders. Hence, important decisions are made with adequate discussions leading to a lesser extent of corruption. Democracy is responsible for providing people with a prosperous life and a thriving nation.

The only answer to this natural destructive enticement is democracy.  Ehtesab! 🙂

Be Strong! Japan

Seeing this is just incredible. Incredibly tragic. May Allah have mercy on all of us.


For more than two terrifying, seemingly endless minutes Friday, the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan shook apart homes and buildings, cracked open highways and unnerved even those who have learned to live with swaying skyscrapers. Then came a devastating tsunami that slammed into northeastern Japan and killed hundreds of people.

The violent wall of water swept away houses, cars and ships. Fires burned out of control. Power to a cooling system at a nuclear power plant was knocked out, forcing thousands to flee. A boat was caught in the vortex of a whirlpool at sea. It was chaos.

The country faces its worst crisis since the end of the second World War. All I can say is, Japanese people are showing tremendous brotherly unity, there is a strange calmness to them. A feeling that they are ‘All in this together’. The camaraderie is motivating even to a person totally unfamiliar with Japanese customs. I urge them to stay this united, and soon they’ll find life once again worth living.  Be Strong!! Japan.

Pakistan – Rise for Inspiration

It has been sixty-four years since our ancestors gained independence for us from the British Empire. Sixty four years of turmoil, angst and internal strife. We have been slumbering all this time, blaming and quarreling with each other. Sixty four years we should be ashamed of. Sixty four years essentially squandered.

It is time to invoke the passion and truly start loving our country; we all talk about laying down our lives for country if the need arises! Honestly, are we actually this vision less, it has been knocking at our doors for a while.  It is time to open the door, step outside with conviction and be utmost willing to sacrifice for our country. All we really care about is our personal achievements and accomplishments. We speak of sacrificing our lives for our country, yet in our hearts do we feel powerless to do anything Is it why we continue to waste our time. Why are we simply biding our time waiting for a revolution to happen?  We need to realize it is us who will have to sacrifice our lives and motivate our fellow countrymen to start the revolution.

Pakistan needs us desperately, it’s in dismal condition. It is time for the youth to rise. The people buried in Pakistan’s soil were once sentient beings who screamed and fought for justice, they battled for equality, and they struggled for safeguarding of honor and uprightness . Rise, so you can be proud to see your forefathers.

Rise to become the greatest nation in history. A nation future generations can be proud of. A nation which will shine as an emblem of honesty, peace, forgiveness and unity for the world. A nation which will gleam as bright as the majestic Muslim Empires of old. A nation where there is no sectarian division and  no racial discrimination. A nation where every person is courageous and pure in heart as well as mind. A nation whose souls burn with fervor and love for justice.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH said, Fight for three things: Nation, Respect, and Truth

Caliph Moauiyat asked Omar Ben Al-Aas what was the secret of his great political skill:

“I have never gotten involved in any matter without first studying the way out;
“on the other hand, I have never become involved and wanted to get out right away,” was his answer.

Rise for Islam and Pakistan.